I work through a variety of media that attempt to occupy multiple levels of dimensionality at once, where digital forms are rendered as analogue objects before being re-visioned in virtual format and re-printed once more. Through creating this flux between digital and analogue ephemera, artifacts become charged with the signification of inter-dimensional dialogue, they become hybrid objects that sit between the actual and the virtual and reflect our digitally enhanced view of reality. Throughout my work which interweaves digital technologies with traditional art practice, I explore the formal, spatial and material properties of this new hybrid media, and look at what happens when these virtual forms and images are manifest in the real world. I am primarily interested in how the digital has become so integrated within the present day sense of ’normality’ that the distinction between where the physical environment ends and the virtual begins has been blurred into a single unit, and how this creates new spaces and environments for us to engage with. For many of us a large part of our lives is spent gazing into the virtuality of the digital realm, using it to inform our physical existence in both our social and professional activities. Through using the practices of the renaissance artist, which primarily concerns itself with capturing the beauty of nature in oil painting on canvas or sculptural forms carved from stone, the shifting of the artist’s gaze towards the virtual space gives the digital version of reality a higher significance than actual reality. This opens new avenues of exploration for the artist where traditional materials are replaced with unknown virtual substances and environments that defy all notions of physicality. The Geometric becomes equivalent to the organic, The CGI form over the human form, the simulacrum over the original.


Born North Wales, 1978, lives and works in North Wales. Graduated with BA(Hons.) Fine Art Painting from UWIC, Cardiff, 2000 and MA in Design 2014, University of Hertfordshire.

After graduating with a Degree in Fine Art Painting at UWIC Howard Gardens, Cardiff in 2001, I spent the subsequent years working as a graphic and web designer and experimenting with audio and sound work. In 2012 I undertook an MA programme in design at the University of Hertfordshire where I researched methods of translating sets of data into generative audio and video pieces. In developing the idea of digital/analogue translation I have come full circle back to painting where I am currently working on a body of work that examines the immaterial metaphysicality of virtual objects, space and environments through traditional physical art practices.