'Interface Series (banana#2)', mixed media collage 2019

'Parametric Landscapes #6', oil on canvas 2018

'Victoria with Plant and Geometric Objects', oil on canvas 2017

'Automatic Twitter Paintings', web application, ongoing series of digital images using Twitter data automatically generated once daily, 2017

'Study for Multi-Dimensional Still Life with Plant', assemblage installation, 2016

'Victoria with Distorted Geometric Object', oil on canvas 2017

'Art Switch (Physical Format)', installation collaboration with Geraint Edwards, 2016

'Parametric Landscapes #3', oil on canvas, 2016

'Computer Generated Image / Computer Generated Orange (CGI / CGO)', digital image, 2014

'Study of Virtual Skull being Intersected by Three Cylinders with Fruit', oil on canvas, 2016

'Auto-Hirst 9', interactive web application, 2012 >>go to web application<<